10 June 2024

Martin Luther

Known as the intiator of the Reformation, he actually was yet preceded by John Hus, John Wycliffe & even Gnosticism. A doctrine formulated by Aurelius Augustinus inspired him to associate certain religions with the devil:

After initially being in favor of Judaism, he changed opinion after they refused to convert to Protestantism. In the year of Copernicus' death, he wrote On the Jews & their Lies, accusing them of exploiting Christians by means of usury: Did it later inspire Adolf Hitler to resist the Jew World Order?

A few years earlier, the Jesuit Order was founded to instigate the Catholic Reformation: The council of Trent resulted in the Eighty Years' War, wherein the army of Gustavus Adolphus used Gott mit Uns as a mean of recognition. They inherited that phrase from the Teutonic Order, which later also was used by Prussia & its successors: Were they the Israelites, as defined by Anatoly Fomenko?

The last ruler of a united kingdom supposedly was King Solomon, followed by Rehoboam ruling over the Jews & Jeroboam over the Israelites, whose tribes supposedly disappeared. A few old maps situate some of their names: Did they later flee to Great Tartary?

The mother of Suleyman Khan originated from Little Tartary, whose son, preceded by Selim I & succeded by Selim II, shared the preference for aniconism with our famous Protestant. As well as Flavius Justinianus, preceded by Justinus I & succeded by Justinus II, he is known as a famous lawgiver: Were all of them, as Ataman of the so called conquest by Prophet Joshua, partial duplicates of Jedidiah?

Our magnificent Sultan died in the year of the Beeldenstorm, which initiated the Eighty Years' War, of which the Thirty Years' War was the final part, which caused a lot of destruction on the territory of the so called Holy Roman Empire: Was this realm actually a complex political falsification to fade the real history of Das Erste Reich out of our consciousness?

The New Chronology describes Israel as a theomachist nation, whereas Judea as a theocratic nation. The Demiurge is the equivalent of Yahweh, whereas Satan is described as the king of this world by many biblical authors, for example by Paul & John:

  • Did the ten lost tribes revolt against the crescent spirit of Ahriman?
  • Is the modern nation of Israel actually an arrogant hoax of Judeans?

10 May 2024

Paul Kruger

Known for lending his family name to the most famous national park in the RSA, he was a devout calvinist that claimed the earth is flat. During his presidency between the Boer Wars the country flourished again, but the discovery of gold deposits stimulated Cecil Rhodes to organise the Jameson Raid, which failed. Soon a war followed, bit played by Winston Churchill & Mahatma Gandhi, that ultimately ended the independence of the OVS & ZAR: Where did the Kruger Millions go?

Michael Tellinger suggests Anunnaki once resided near those gold deposits. A flat earth is surrounded by an Ice Wall, wherethrough gates connect with other worlds. Neuschwabenland is directly situated on the opposite side of the ocean south of Africa:

  • Did Anunnaki infiltrate our world from there?
  • Did Aryans escape our world along there?

After the failure of Operation Highjump, a Haunebu might have crashed near Roswell, precededly even have flown over Los Angeles & later some craft over the White House. Soon Operation Argus followed, which preceded the Antarctic Treaty: Did its atomic bombs actually destroy the impregnable fortress the successor of Adolf Hitler quoted about?

Already initiated after the second Boer War, the policy of Apartheid became more prominent after the second World War, reaching a climax after the Antarctic Treaty was signed: Did the country of the Springbok inherit a spirit of White Supremacy?

It got Nelson Mandela imprisoned, of whom Fiona Broome & many more believed he died there: Did he actually die, being replaced by a duplicate Freemason to contribute to a White Genocide?

Rudolf Steiner claimed Aryans, often associated with the Caucasian Race, were remnants of the population of Atlantis, which lent its name to the ocean stretching from Hyperborea to Neuschwabenland: Did they also enter our world there & are many old megalithic structures, like pyramids, remnants of the civilization they brought with them?

The Nilotic Meridian passes near Giza, as well as Great Zimbabwe & Adam's Calendar, which is situated near Machadodorp, whereto Uncle Paul initially retreated after the loss of Pretoria: How are Anunnaki & Aryans connected to each other?

20 April 2024

Adolf Hitler

Known for bearing the name of a salute similar to the one on the Oath of the Horatii, he was eager to become a famous painter. A rather shy child evolved into a gifted orator that infiltrated the DAP: Was the presumable grandson of a Rothschild profiled by the Tavistock Institute, as authored by Robin de Ruiter & claimed by William Patrick Hitler?

Although the so called great dictator saw the stab in the back at the end of WW1 & the rising economic polarity during the Weimar Republic, corresponding with the cultural decline in Babylon Berlin, he cooperated with the ZVD to stimulate the transfer of Jews to Palestine: Was he rather controlled opposition, as described in the yet mentioned book?

Shortly after that war he attended a lecture given by Gottfried Feder, whose ideas were often quoted in Mein Kampf & became the essence of the program of the NSDAP, whose two main points were worded by Stephen Mitford Goodson as follows:

  • The common interest before self - The spirit of the program
  • Abolition of the thraldom of interest - The core of national socialism

Thraldom of interest rather keeps humans enslaved as untermenschen, while its abolition might boost them to become ubermenschen, a term inherited from Friedrich Nietzsche. Although Rudolf Steiner inherited from Helena Blavatsky the notion that Aryans are highly developed spiritual humans & the root race of the fallen Atlantis, also his society later became prohibited, mainly cause its focus on the self didn't match the spirit of the program of the NSDAP, which was rather inspired by the ideas of Arthur de Gobineau: What is the correct take on the term Aryan?

After becoming chancellor, only attenuated monetary reforms were introduced, while the central bank was still headed by Hjalmar Schacht, described by Reinout Guépin as the pawn of Montagu Norman. Six years later however, this pawn was dismissed & his central bank became an authentic state bank, which triggered the outbreak of WW2: Became our so called great dictator aware of his profiling abuse, so he crossed a line by turning into real opposition against the Ahrimanic Powers?

As Axis Power, together with Italy & Japan, who also reformed their central banks to authentic state banks, he finally lost the war against the international financiers, possibly on purpose by applying bad tactics as commander in chief. Although it is said he commited suicide in his bunker, even reports of the CIA mention his appearance in South America: Was he secretly saved cause he belonged to a Satanic Bloodline?

30 March 2024

Rudolf Steiner

Known as the founder of Weleda, this clairvoyant implemented his own pedagogy. Initially he joined the society of Helena Blavatsky, but rejected Jiddu Krishnamurti as the new Jesus Christ. He suggests a degenerative evolution of life, which can be supported by the following scientific & cultural knowlegde:

  • Circe turned humans into animals
  • Reptilians are low vibrational creatures
  • Genetic disorders rather weaken the species
  • The second human chromosome is split among apes

He stated that the highly developed civilization of Atlantis, situated on both sides of the concerning ocean by Ignatius Donnelly, of whom the Aryans were survivors:

  • Did a highly advanced world-empire exist before the Deluge?
  • Did humanity meanly degenerate into a rather materialistic specie?

This degenaration thus started at the end of what is now known as the Middle Ages, which will result in the incarnation of Angra Mainyu in what is now known as the third millenium of our timeline: Did Adolf Hitler try to avoid that?

The New Order can be seen as an attempt to initiate the New Earth, alas the Little Season probably wasn't over yet: Did it start after the defeat of Yemelyan Pugachev, described as the final ruler of Great Tartary by Anatoly Fomenko, lasting till the first decades of the third millenium, when the realisation of Agenda 2030 is attempted?

Besides materialism, science was also seen as a mean of Ahriman to degenerate humanity by diverting it from its spiritual potential:

The so called war on terror started in the mentioned year & was predicted by Nostradamus to last 27 years: Will Ahriman incarnate at the start of the SPARS-plandemic, some Little Season after the defeat of Yemelyan Pugachev, and reign as an Antichrist during the biblical 42 months?

In his Fall of the Spirits of Darkness he clarified that evil spiritual forces will inspire their human hosts to find a vaccine that will drive all inclination towards spirituality out of people's souls: Will those be inhibited to be Aryan & be trapped in a Great Reset, as forecasted by Deagel, whereafter the New Earth takes shape?

06 February 2024

Babylonian Captivity

According to mainstream history, the historical city is situated near the modern town of Hilla, but David Rohl suggests that's actually Eridu. The toponym can be found near Fustat, as well as in a nickname for Avignon. The Babylonian Talmud was an important source for the Kabbalah, which originated in the Provence: Are there any mutualities between pileolus & kippah?

The migration of the papacy was significant for the waning power of the Holy Roman Empire, whose dynasty partially seems to duplicate the Judaean Kingdom & the Byzantine Empire. The New Chronology further proposes the following identifications:

The toponym thus seems to fit many locations: The book of Revelation describes the whore of Babylon, whose beast might refer to a city with seven hills. Many cities share this feature, but Rome is best known for it & officially instigated the fourth crusade: Might it appropriatly explain the nickname for Avignon?

The city was probably founded by Jesus Christ, the equivalent of Aeneas: It sided with the Cathars, who were crushed by the Catholics. The priory of Sion was originally the protector of the Holy Grail: Did the victors seize the secret society & add their Merovingian Dynasty?

The city of Zion, which is often rebooted to avoid a crash of the system, houses rebels, who move through the matrix of machines by the hovercraft Nebuchadnezzar, whose mark refers to the gospel of Mark: Are the teachings of Jesus Christ helpful to escape the Matrix?

26 January 2024

Merovingian Dynasty

His existence & origins are unclear, but the first dynastic line of France was named after Clovis' supposed grandfather. The following etymological options exist:            Famous Fighter         -        Meroë Fighter         -        Sea Cattle         -        Wide Water

A famous fighter in the Trojan War was Memnon, born to Eos & raised by the Atlantides:

A famous sea creature is described in the book of Revelation as an ally of Satan: Do their seven heads refer to the hills of Rome & their mutual transfer of power refer to maritime law?

The New Chronology claims that the conquests by the armies of Batu Khan resulted in two imperial branches of power, where it seemed that a the rimland started to secede from its heartland:

  • Unam Sanctam was a first attempt to gain worldwide power by the pope, subduing all secular leaders under his reign, followed by other papal bulls that institutionalized the trade of birth certificates & the declaration of lost souls at sea: Is the use of maritime law a satanic practice to distract humans from their spiritual source?
  • In the Matrix, the access to the keys of the source is obstructed by the Merovingian, a bloodline that might have origins in Troy & often is described as satanic: Do they refer to the keys of heaven, held by Saint Peter, who chose to be crucified upside down?

The further decline of the empire might also be portrayed in the book of Revelation: The defeat of Yemelyan Pugachev & foundation of the United States of America can be seen as the encirclement of Hyperborea by satanic powers. However, Khanbaliq fits the description of New Jerusalem: Are we yet living in post-judgement times?

Maps of Tartary preceding those events show biblical references to the lost tribes of Israel, which might be the Askuzai, among whom the tribe of Dan, whose testament encouraged his descendants to stay close to God, is depicted close to Hyperborea: Were they once part of the army of a Scourge of God in a preceding chapter of the book of Revelation?

Its claimed descendants can be found worldwide, suggesting the seafaring tribe indeed once might have ruled a world-empire: Were the Ripuarian Franks actually Rhineland Jews descending from Ascanius, that were tempted to declare themselves free from the empire & usurp power in the rimland after the defeat of a Scourge of God?

25 December 2023

Kublai Khan

Known from a poem written under opium intoxication, he decreed a stately pleasure dome in the mythical Xanadu: Mainstream history identifies it as Shangdu, where a kurultai was held to oppose his brother. After winning the consequential civil war, he transfered his capital from Karakorum to Khanbaliq: Is he a duplicate of Dmitry Ivanovich, who moved it from Vladimir to Moscow?

Where Kublai supposedly refounded Zhongdu, Donskoy renewed the kremlin of Moscow. As well as Tartar City, it neighbours an outer city, whose name can be translated as Cathay City. The New Chronology claims a big part of the mainstream history of Zhongguo is a fraud: Was the history of one capital city copied to hide another's?

While Moscow might be the reconstruction of Jerusalem, the description of the Forbidden City fits the description of a new Jerusalem in the book of Revelation & scrolls of Qumran: Although the measurements are too huge, the rectangular shape & twelve gates fit the picture. The Opium Wars weakened the Manchu Empire, where the Taiping Rebellion even proclaimed a(nother) new Jerusalem: Were the thousand years mentioned in Revelation another exaggeration & Tartar City the capital city of the new earthly realm, ultimately defeated by the Eight Nation Alliance?

The few remaining ruins near Shangdu also display a rectangular shape, similar to the ones of Ordu Baliq, suggesting they belong to another era than proposed by mainstream history. Terpischore performed in Xanadu, whereas the river Alfeios springs in Arcadia:

As Canada might suggest, the empire even stretched to the New World. The putsch by the last ruler of a unified empire yet met permanent resistance, slowly dismantling the realm. Independent nations arose, stimulating the grow of the modern world-system:

  • Was the battle of Peking the final blow for the former world-empire?
  • Are Olympic Games held to stimulate competition in the modern world-economy?

The original known version of those games honored Zeus, the only surviving son of Cronus, of whom mainstream christianity inherited the celebration of Christmas on the day of Sol Invictus: Was a putsching Constantinus Magnus actually implementing opportunistic reforms to distract christians to an occult worship in a pleasure-dome?

It inspired Frankie Goes To Hollywood, where the Red Hot Chili Peppers claim space is filmed. After the release of 2001: A Space Odyssey, the general repetition for faking the moon landings, writer Arthur Charles Clarke honored Stanley Kubrick with a variant on the mentioned poem: Does Hollywood provide us pleasure under a firmament?

Besides there, the idyllic place is found elsewhere:

Were Operation Warpspeed & Vaccination Passports unrolled in an attempt to control pleasure under the dome?

24 November 2023

Hulagu Khan

Sent by his brother along the Silk Road to conquer the Fertile Crescent, he captured the city bestowed by God, but the prompt need to attend a kurultai allowed the Mamluks to defeat the Mongols. His name is similar to his uncle's from the Chagatai Khanate & a chanyu of the Xiongnu Empire, as well with Ulugh Muhammad & Ulugh Beg, also astronomer & grandson of a great conqueror. Since proof for the historicity of the Mongol Empire is lacking, which biography might serve as the original for those partial duplicates?

The defeat near Ain Jalut might have been duplicated as the siege of Constantinopolis: Oleg the Wise also couldn't capture it, but before he managed to capture Kiev, a feat repeated by Batu Khan, who also promptly had to attend a kurultai. The founder of the Golden Horde is known as the successor of Genghis Khan in the New Chronology, which identifies Ryurik as a partial duplicate of the great conqueror. As well as Baghdad, the city of Kyi is situated at a major river through its Mesopotamia: Is one of those cities actually a transposed duplicate?

The city on the major eastern river in mainstream Mesopotamia was also conquered from Turkestan by Seljuks & Timurids, resulting in similar empires to the Ilkhanate: Are those realms duplicates in history?

The tale of the Mongol Empire seems to resemble the reconquista of Baetica, wherein battles of the house of Atil might have been duplicated as follows:

Alfonso the Wise too was an astronomer & also fought against the fellow believers of Berke Khan: Is he also a partial duplicate?

The civil war with Berke Khan might be fictional & have been duplicated as the conflict between Batu Khan & Guyuk Khan. Oleg stams from Helgu, Batu might, besides firm, also mean West, a combination of this information then leads to Saint Peter: Was Ivan Danilovich his real name, as the New Chronology proposes?

23 October 2023

Baga Stana

The representations & inscriptions near the place of God, have been alloted to different figures:

Khwaday Namag lists all sjahs from Khosrow II back to Keyumars, the first human who fought Ahriman & whose grandson seems to be the equivalent of Tubal Cain. The list is shorter then the number of sjahs in mainstream history, so some duplicates might exist:

Near the ancient Ka'ba-ye Zartosht, the translation of the inscription suggests Darius I to be the son of Hystaspes, the equivalent of Vishtaspa in the Avesta. His ancestor Ariaramnes might refer to Airyanem Vaejah, where Ahriman created winter & his son as a Naga in the river Vahvi Daitya: Should some Garden of Eden be situated where four sources of the river Amu Darya coalesce close to each other, close to a possible Shambhala?

The New Chronology claims the original once ruled in Palermo & the battles versus evil in Shahnameh are duplicates of the battle of Moscow: The national epic & inscriptions were translated around the same epoch, so did European history serve as inspiration to hide Anunnaki existence?

The carved images rather resemble Anunnaki, while their location is quite unaccessible to humans, supporting the claim of carvings made by the wife of Nimrod. However supposedly nearly two millenia older, a nearby petroglyph shows similar images, where Anubanini tramples a foe & Ishtar offers him two prisoners: Are we dealing with a Biblical Shift here?

Two years after the translation efforts, Howard Vyse claimed the Pyramid of Khufu to be a burial site, although for centuries, that same Nimrod has been noted as its possible builder. As Nikola Tesla suggested, the pyramids seem to have served another purpose: Did the Rothschilds, who took financial control of the British Empire after the defeat of Napoleon Bonaparte, sponsor those researchers to alter history?

22 September 2023

Tubal Cain

Known for being the first blacksmith, his name is a composition of two other biblical figures:

  • Tubal, a descendant of Seth, the only son born in the image of Adam
  • Cain, his forefather, who might have been the son of the serpent

The father of Noah bears the same name as his father, while those of their grandfathers are very similar, as also in the case of some ancestors: Gnosticism even considers Norea to be the wife of our shipbuilder, so does the similar ancestry actually imply a partial duplicate?

After the Deluge, the progenitor of humankind was Noah, who had three sons: Mount Ararat can also be found in South Africa, is he also a partial duplicate of Adam?

As well as Cain, Ham made a mistake, but cursed was his son Canaan, sometimes identified as Baal, a title also used by Marduk, or Saturn, who carries a sickle as patron of the harvest. As written in the book of Jeremiah, the first alias mentioned was honored by child offerings, while the latter one even ate his own children: Did Nimrod, a grandson of Ham, allow child sacrifices in Babylon?

The book of Revelation mentions the Whore of Babylon riding a beast having power over all nations, but it will perish, as similarly mentioned similarly in the book of Isaiah: Does that beast actually represent the League of Nations, which Adolf Hitler already triggered by putting an end to Babylon Berlin, attempting to establish the biblical kingdom?

A few days after the Antarctic Treaty was signed, the United Nations received a statue of a man hammering the plowshare from the Soviet Union. As portrayed in the Fabian Window, hammering refers to shaping the world according to the preferences of the elite. While the flag of the Soviet Union displays a hammer with a sickle, the flag of East Germany even shows a masonic compass. Besides Nimrod, Manly Palmer Hall describes Tubal Cain also as a forefather of freemasonry: Is communism, as controlled opposition, secretly a tool of the elite in its attempt to enslave humanity by implementing the mark of the beast?