01 May 2022

Fall of Man

According to Genesis, Yahweh created the Garden of Eden to benefit humanity: Neglecting the fruits of the Tree of Knowledge would guarantee a carefree life. When the snake seduced Eve & Adam, expulsion from paradise was their fate, Cherubim guarding its eastern entrance. The Forbidden Fruit is portrayed as an apple picked by Eve, offered to Adam: Might it actually be the vulva & symbolically mean the start of sex among humans?

According to Gnosis, the Aeon Sophia neglected the knowledge of God & unfortunately gave birth to the Demiurge, or Yahweh. He gave birth to archons & created humans: The latter being bodies containing a soul, which the former try to keep imprisoned. Are humans originally ment to be slaves to serve a higher power?

According to cuneiform tablets, the Anunnaki created humans to mine gold. In the end Enlil tried to keep them as ignorant slaves, but Enki offered them knowledge & unfolded their androgyny into reproduction, Homo Sapiens adding an extra Sapiens:

  • Could Enlil be a duplicate of Yahweh, trying to control humanity in a matrix?
  • Could Enki be a duplicate of Nāga, for example the snake of the biblical garden?

According to ancient mythology, Prometheus was the protector of mankind: Was he too a duplicate of the snake, teaching humanity how to leave Plato's cave & liberate themselves from the matrix?

According to mainstream history, the welfare state flourished after the defeat of the Axis Powers: The government promises a carefree life if its citizens live in accordance with its matrix. Attempts to acquire knowledge beyond it might lead to expulsion, as was the fate of the biblical couple, similar to Christ & Neo for example: Though citizens officially are granted free speech, thinking outside the governements box, often incorrectly labeled as disinformation, might lead to penalties as censorship, or even worse. Are our governments operating for Yahweh, to keep humans, seduced by the comfort zone of a welfare state, as was the biblical paradise, in a state of ignorance, so they easily would follow any order, even foolish or harmful ones?

According to the New Chronology, Exodus is rather a myth, but got its inspiration from the migration of Khazars, or Etruscans: Claim these chosen people to be archons, keeping humanity under control for their master, who's hiding behind the curtains?

Inspired by Lurianic Kabbalah, Sabbatai Zevi claimed to be the new messiah, whereof Jacob Frank claimed to be the reincarnation. Together with Adam Weisshaupt & Mayer Amschel Bauer he founded the Illuminati: Do those enlightend ones hold the knowledge to keep the rest of humanity ignorant?